Co-operate on the path to food security
Having a choice in what we eat is something many of us take for granted, but four million Canadians aren't sure where their next meal will come from. Food insecurity is a real and imminent threat to the health of us all — but there's a lot we can do to... more
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We can't afford poverty. Stop the cuts.
"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members." - Mahatma Gandhi more
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Downstream disaster: the Husky Oil Spill and the social determinants of health
The upstream metaphor — for a better way to think about maintaining a healthy society — may never ring more true than it does right now in Saskatchewan. more
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Upstream Radio: The Precarity Problem
After decades of policies of deregulation for the fantasy of trickle-down economics, we've created such a gap of wealth, and health, that we can't ignore anymore. With more and more Canadians working in temporary, casual and part-time jobs than ever, the precarity problem has risen to the top of our... read more and comment
Climate action is healthcare outside the clinic
“We entreat leaders to attack the low-carbon transition with the same ethos we use during the cardiopulmonary resuscitations that work: push hard, push fast, don’t stop.” - Dr. Nick Watts read more and comment
It's time to make National Aboriginal Day statutory
We’ve recently recognized two important days in this country: Canada Day, and Aboriginal Day. The contrast between the two tells us some important things about health and cultural equity in this country. read more and comment
Food Security
Below you'll find a compilation of recent work at the intersection of Food Security and health. Please feel free to submit your additions to this list by emailing Check out the work that Upstream and it's partners and contributors have done around Food Security here. read more and comment

Upstream is a movement to create a healthy society through evidence-based, people-centred ideas. We work to reframe public discourse around addressing the social determinants of health in order to build a healthier society.

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