Ontario Public Health Cuts Will Endanger the Public
Ontario recently announced that it will reduce funding towards public health agencies across the province to the tune of $200 million. more
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Measuring Success in the Federal Budget
Healthy Metrics Beyond Debt and GDP more
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Time to shift the bell curve toward health
Life is lived on a bell curve. Many attributes of a population – height, for example - are distributed on a bell-shaped curve, with the average at the centre and then decreasing numbers of people as we get further from the centre. more
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Upstream Radio: Why early learning investments matter
Podcast with Charles Pascal hosted by Trish Hennessy read more and comment
Public Health Beyond the Anthropocene
We need to give up thinking about nature and society as distinct entities if we want to better the lives of Canadians in the 21st century. read more and comment
Honk if you’re …
It’s 6:45 am, still dark on this winter morning, but six floors below me on the major thoroughfare which is the street that I live on, a loud, persistent HOOOOONK awakens me. read more and comment
The Quest for Universal Pharmacare
Canada’s federal government seems poised to prop up the status quo instead of going upstream read more and comment

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