Too little too late: Lisa's story
The evidence shows us undeniably that poverty and inequality are quite literally killing us. But it's the human stories between the data points that fuels this movement. more
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We need saving, the Earth will survive
These days we often see environmentalism framed as an imperative to save the world from human activity. But Mother Earth will be just fine — it's humanity's health and survival that are at stake. more
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The Next 150: Reconciliation and Health
For the better health of all of us, how do we get from colonialism to reconciliation, and what will that future look like? more
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We're short on time for Reconciliation, but not on hope
For thousands of Canadians, colonization is the most significant determinant of health. read more and comment
It's time to stop dehumanizing Canadians with disabilities
What's a life worth? CTG Speaker Sarah Jama knows there's still a lot of room for compassion in the Canadian health system, and our deeper social structures. read more and comment
No human should be homeless
Homelessness is complicated. There’s not one easy or simple solution. But we cannot let those remain excuses for doing nothing, or even too little. read more and comment
My Light Bulb Moment: Contraception shouldn't be a luxury
The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives. read more and comment

Upstream is a movement to create a healthy society through evidence-based, people-centred ideas. We work to reframe public discourse around addressing the social determinants of health in order to build a healthier society.

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