A basic income could improve the health of all Canadians
Income isn't just a determinant of health — it's the determinant of determinants. more
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When inequality becomes too great
If the past year has taught us anything, it's that we can no longer ignore inequality. more
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Basic income solutions in an era of slow growth
The basic income conversation has freed imaginations around the world, and Canadian hopes for closing our gaps in wealth and health. But it's worth asking the question: are we better off when we have more income, or need less of it? more
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The health case for basic income
Income is the determinant of the other determinants of health. read more and comment
Making money while creating health
Who are the real producers of good health, and how can we craft policy that supports them, in order to promote greater communal and societal well-being? read more and comment
Post boxes tell a lot about community health
Where you live plays an important role in determining your health. Six-digit postal codes are often used in health research to identify where people live and to work out environmental exposure measures, which are then linked to health data. read more and comment
Canadian opioid crisis plan must address social causes
Canada lacks a system to track co-existing mental health conditions or co-ingestions in opioid-related fatalities, and our evidence base on opioid overdoses is disappointingly sparse.  As we seek to build upon it, we will need to do so with a view to the significant role that mental health and substance... read more and comment

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