Post boxes tell a lot about community health
Where you live plays an important role in determining your health. Six-digit postal codes are often used in health research to identify where people live and to work out environmental exposure measures, which are then linked to health data. more
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Canadian opioid crisis plan must address social causes
Canada lacks a system to track co-existing mental health conditions or co-ingestions in opioid-related fatalities, and our evidence base on opioid overdoses is disappointingly sparse.  As we seek to build upon it, we will need to do so with a view to the significant role that mental health and substance... more
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My Lightbulb Moment: Our worst epidemics have social roots
In nursing school I learned about the social determinants of health. I read countless pages, wrote lengthy papers and sat in many lectures all dedicated to the topic.  But despite this 'knowledge' I gained at university, the reality of how our health has social sources didn’t really hit me until... more
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Saskatoon Health Equity Impact Assessment
Developed jointly by the Saskatoon Health Region and Upstream, this report applies a health equity lens to the City of Saskatoon’s Growth Plan to Half a Million. Find the report here. read more and comment
Let's explore a more complete story of food
Globalization has played an immense role in the way that we cultivate and produce our food. The globalization of food allows us to experience different cuisines from all around the world. It’s a luxury that is neither sustainable nor practical, and influences not only the way we prepare and consume... read more and comment
Upstream Radio: Colonialism isn't behind us
In this fifth episode of Upstream Radio we speak with Cindy Blackstock, Max Fineday and Janelle Pewapsconias about the colonial sources of our greatest national health emergencies, and how the processes of colonization aren't in Canada's history, but still grow and perpetuate in our politics and communities today. read more and comment
Canada's housing crisis is a public health emergency
In emergency rooms and front-line clinics, patients are triaged based on the urgency of their illness. The sickest are seen first, followed by those in less immediate danger. A high-quality health system would connect these efforts to a larger plan to prevent illness and keep people healthy, but still make... read more and comment

Upstream is a movement to create a healthy society through evidence-based, people-centred ideas. We work to reframe public discourse around addressing the social determinants of health in order to build a healthier society.

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