In The Community

Our community consists of not just our physical environment, but also the many institutions and customs that make up our social environment.When we foster diverse, inclusive communities with effective, proactive social services, in harmony with the natural environment, we are thinking and acting upstream.

Action-driven education can make stronger, healthier citizens

"What's your philosophy of education?" I was asked this question repeatedly as an education student, before I had any idea how daunting it would be to actually lead a classroom. Each time I thought, "But when will I learn how to teach?" read more
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There's a health gap in Canadian education

“Health promotion supports personal and social development through providing information, education for health, and enhancing life skills… Action is required through educational, professional, commercial and voluntary bodies, and within the institutions themselves” – The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, 1986 read more
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Patients' voices matter in Canadian health care

How do we measure a health care system? Should we examine re-admissions, wait-times, or medical errors? The numbers are necessary for assessment and quality improvement purposes, but no amount of data, no algorithm however complex, can capture the patient experience. read more
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The way forward

On Monday, October 19th, Canadians went to the polls for the 42nd time, electing a new federal government. Upstream is best described as 'non-partisan, but hyper-political'. Our primary concern is to see health take the primary place in public discourse it deserves. This means paying close attention to the platforms... read more
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Elect for the health, happiness and prosperity of Canadians

There’s been a lot of talk about cultural differences and national security during the election, but little attention paid to the kinds of policies that could directly impact the health and happiness of Canadians. Here, we propose three public policy changes that, if taken seriously at the federal level, could... read more
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This election can end Canada's dark age

When you think about scientific research, its association to politics may not be the first thing to cross your mind. But it’s important for us to seriously consider the need for good quality, available evidence as we head to the polls on October 19th.  read more
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Upstream Radio: #Vote4Health in #Elxn42

Brendan Flaherty from the CBC joins Upstream's Ryan Meili and Jared Knoll to discuss what we can do with our vote this election, to determine community and individual health in Canada's future. Click here for Upstream Radio on iTunes — Please subscribe, and leave us a rating. Embedded podcast not appearing... read more
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Democratic engagement is a core health issue

Are we powerless to effect change? It's a notion that's been popular for many election cycles. But just try telling a local community group that's just rallied for a new service or program, that they are powerless. The truth is, there are some very achievable changes we can make to... read more
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Fair systems make healthy nations

How many of us have voted for someone in an election who didn't win? The answer is probably everyone. If we think about it, this means that your vote didn't count. But it's not just yours... in a way, it's everyone's. read more
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Political engagement is good for your health

Leadnow began as an online engagement organization, designed to mobilize individuals and communities to push forward political issues like our democracy, environment and economy — all factors that determine our ability to lead healthy lives. They have since expanded their ground game, organizing people face-to-face, and tapping into people power... read more
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