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Job Posting: Communications Coordinator


**We've extended our submission deadline to Sept. 5th.**


We're Hiring!

Upstream is seeking a dynamic individual to serve as our Communications Coordinator. This person will manage Upstream communications and coordinate our Story Shop- the branch of Upstream in charge of knowledge translation about the social determinants of health through web content, campaign messaging, client projects, and other communications content.

The successful candidate will be creative, adaptive, strategic, and a enjoy working within a team structure. Proficiency with visual communications tools is an asset, and an ideal candidate will have both administrative and artistic strengths. Experience with communications strategy development will be an asset, and short-listed candidates may be asked to display proficiency with language framing and content generation. 

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Qualifications Required:

We will consider applications from people of various education and experience levels, but in your application, please draw out your proficiency or experience with the following core competencies:

  • Written Communications: experience creating and editing written content
  • Visual Communications: proficiency in a particular medium, or familiarity with creative software
  • Media Relations: experience or interest in working with tradition media, and/or social media
  • Knowledge Translation: experience in marketing, branding, language framing, and/or education for a public audience
  • Organizational Development: budgeting, volunteer management, working with teams

Application Snapshot:

  • All interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume with relevant experience and education, and contact information for two references.
  • If the applicant has past experience with design, communications, or knowledge translation, they may submit up to two pages of portfolio work
  • Within one business day of submitting an application, you will receive a confirmation email. We will then be in touch with a short list of candidates to schedule interviews, ideally by August 31st, 2014. We recommend that candidates apply as soon as possible.
  • Please send application materials  to rachel@thinkupstream.net and phone 306-260-0906 with any questions. 

Click here for a full breakdown of the job description and application guidelines.

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  • commented 2014-09-03 19:17:25 -0600
    Wow, the complexity of applying for the position of communications coordinator are beyond belief. I cannot even fathom going further,

    Do you want to exclude most qualified applicants, it seems so?

    Adrian Janssens
    Milden, SK
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