• commented on My Light Bulb Moment: Our worst epidemics have social roots 2016-11-15 11:10:09 -0600
    its so much more complicated! This girls parents were probably forced to attend residential school, discharged at 16, sent back to the reserve; with no support, no parenting skills, likely alcoholic homes….where the cycle repeats itself.
    I am a first nation RN that worked in the inner city. It was difficult to suggest any changes, because the decision making from the “powers at be” are too top heavy. front line workers are not being heard.
    I dont know what the solutions are. Perhaps more mental health and parenting programming?? nip it in the bud at the schools, why wait until the clients become addicted, homeless and are forced to support their addictions.
    I had to bite my lip when programming from phs was on healthy eating. these kids go home to often empty fridges n cupboards. FOCUS on feeling good about themselves…..