Breaking new ground in the new year

2015 was an exciting year for us. In the autumn season alone, Upstream continued to lead  on a poverty reduction strategy for Saskatchewan, released a landmark report on Living Wage in Saskatoon, and urged Canadians to #vote4health in the federal election.

Canada's community-led efforts for a healthier society are set to get even stronger in 2016.

The federal election resulted in a change in government, and some interesting opportunities as we saw mandate letters from the Prime Minister that include references to national strategies for housing, poverty reduction strategy, early child development and reduction in carbon emissions, all steps that could make a significant impact on our health.

We feel this opens up further space for discussion of the new approach to politics in Canada, an approach that recognizes health as our primary goal and judges policies, and the decision-makers that design and implement them, based on their impact on what matters most: our health.


In 2016 we’ll be working hard to continue our upstream efforts, including a signature event in Ottawa on April 3rd, with social determinants of health pioneer Sir Michael Marmot and members of our stellar national Advisory Board. This event will seek to bring further to the fore the idea of using a health equity lens to guide policy federally and provincially, and will compliment our efforts across Canada with key partner organizations and individuals like you who have an interest in building a healthier Canada.

It’s an exciting year ahead, and we encourage you to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and our website, and bring forward your own ideas for health public policy.

Here's to a healthy 2016 from me and all the Upstream team: Hilary, Jared, Cody and the board.

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