Upstream's Advisory Board

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Raffi Cavoukian


Raffi is a singer-songwriter, life-long children's entertainer and champion for what he calls Child Honouring, for the future health of Canada's democracy and its citizens. He's a social activist, a prolific writer and dedicated Upstreamist, looking for solutions to the sources of our greatest social challenges through how we rear, raise and teach our children.


 Connie Clement

adv-connie.jpg Connie is the scientific director of the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health, supporting public health practitioners and organizations to address the social determinants of health in Canadian society and advance health equity. She's also the executive director of of Health Nexus, where she helps to build capacities for health promotion. Connie started out as an Upstreamist in the feminist activism of her youth, striving for gender parity in health access.

 Kevin Millsip

kev.jpgKevin is an activist and leader for many facets of social justice in Canada. He's the co-founder and director of Next Up, and the co-founder of both Check Your Head and Get Your Vote On, activist organizations engaging tens of thousands of Canadians. One of the foremost humanitarians in the country, Kevin has spent his life focused on the Upstream sources of health outcomes, especially those caused by injustice.


Dr. Charles Pascal

adv_-_charles.pngCharles is a professor of human development and life-long Upstreamist teacher, who knows that education key to any foundation for a healthy life. Founder of The Centre for Learning and Development, founding chair of the Higher Education Group, and member of the Order of Canada,  Charles thinks that "the top indicator of national progress ought to be reflected in how we support the development of the youngest." 



Dr. Dennis Raphael

adv_-_dennis.JPGDennis is a prolific Upstreamist author on the social determinants of health, with over 250 publications since he shifted his focus to the field. The Canadian Facts in particular is a truly seminal work, and a starting place for countless Canadians on their path to discovering the most significant factors that determine how we live, and when we die. Dennis is also a professor of Health Policy and Management at York University. 



Dr. Danyaal Raza

adv_-_danyaal.jpgDanyaal is a Toronto family physician with an impressive body of work in the social determinants of health. An Upstreamist writer and researcher, he's worked tirelessly over the years to shift how we think about health — from individualistically, to structurally. Based out of the SDOH hub of St. Michael's Hospital, he is also a Lecturer of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto.


Roy Romanow

adv_-_roy.jpgThe Honourable Roy J. Romanowserved in public office in Canada for over thirty years, most notably as Premier of Saskatchewan from 1991-2001. During this period, many Upstreamist health reforms were introduced based on programs of well-being, which balanced the delivery of health care more appropriately between acute care and preventative programs. He's focused in particuolar on income inequality as a key social determinant of health.




Ketan Shankardass


Adrienne Silnicki

Adrienne_presenting_Courtenay_townhall_October_2013_(800x531).jpgAdrienne Silnicki is the National Coordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition, a non-profit organization that fights to protect, improve and expand public health care in Canada. She's undertaken work across Canada to push for more preventive, upstream policies in Canadian health and healthcare.





Louise Simard

Peggy Taillon


Peggy is president of the Bruyère Foundation, which provides evidence-based health care and services for the vulnerable and medically complex, with a focus on persons who require sub-acute, geriatric or palliative care. Peggy is a life-long philanthropist and advocate for social justice.




 Armine Yalnizyan



Armine's is one of the strongest and clearest voices for promoting social justice in the Canadian economy. She's senior economist for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Vice-President of the Canadian Association for Business Economics, serves on the boards of the Institute of Population and Public Health and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. Armine regularly appears on CBC's Metro Morning and The Exchange.

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