At Home

Upstream interventions start at home. When everyone has access to adequate housing, nutritious food, and support for early childhood development, we are thinking and acting upstream.

Canada must 'grow' its capacity for health and food security

Fruits and vegetables, the necessary foods that keep us healthy, are getting more expensive all the time. Hyper-processed foods, on the other hand, are too cheap. The game is rigged for unhealthy diets in Canada. read more
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Hungry Canadians: Changing the conversation from food charity to the right to food

Graham Riches argues that there is a need to reframe the issue of food insecurity in terms of rights, not charity. First published for Impact Ethics. read more
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Did you get enough to eat yesterday? Four million Canadians didn’t.

More than ten per cent of Canadians experience food insecurity, which means they lack access to “sufficient, safe and nutritious food.” But if Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, why do we let so many go hungry? What should be done about it, and by whom?... read more
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From Surviving to Thriving: 3 key strategies for effective childcare advocacy

By David McGrane As a parent of a three year-old and five year-old, I’m heavily involved in my tour of duty in the Saskatchewan childcare system. We’ve been lucky to find a wonderful childcare centre that educates our children in their first language- French. The early childhood educators have been... read more
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A learning point to take home from La Ronge, if you have one

By Jon Herriot On my first day up in La Ronge during my rural family medicine rotation, I heard a story of a man who was found dead in a small homemade shack. His shack lit on fire and he burned to death, presumably during an attempt to heat his... read more
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Housing First = Results

The premise of Housing First is that providing people with the stability of housing allows them to address the other challenges they face. In the first 6 months, the numbers show that this is an extremely effective approach.  read more
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What costs more: Child care or university tuition?

This month's Hennesey's Index takes a look at the dollars Canadians shell out for child care. To illustrate just how difficult it is to afford, child care rates are stacked up against average university tuition dollars. The results may surprise you! read more
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Stop the baby battle and give dads their own paid leave

The Globe and Mail's Denise Balkissoon has hit the nail on the head with this article. Her call for paternal leave looks 'upstream' at early childhood development (ECD) as a social determinant of health. A recent report from the Royal Society of Canada outlines the important role that this period plays in healthy development,... read more
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'Groceryships' for Healthy Eating

Solving downstream problems often requires systems-level change, but today we’re looking at an upstream solution being implemented at the household level. "So much of food movement and policy is focused on top-down stuff. And rightfully so, because that impacts the most people…We are coming from the opposite direction. We know... read more
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When Housing Meets Health: Ontario's housing crisis is also a health crisis

Here's a great article that's already been getting a lot of attention this week. Dr. Stephen Hwang and Dr. Kwame McKenzie provide a compelling argument for the link between our access to safe & affordable housing and our health. Housing is a social determinant of health, and these authors are calling for upstream... read more
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