At Work

We spend most of our waking hours engaged in some form of work. Our income, working conditions, and education have a tremendous impact on our health outcomes. When everyone has access to high-quality education, to meaningful work, and to a decent income, we are thinking and acting upstream.

How Income Inequality Hurts Every Canadian's Change of Building a Better Life

Via The Globe and Mail. Canada is at a crossroads. A gap has grown between the middle class and the wealthy. Now, that divide is threatening to erode a cherished Canadian value: equality of opportunity for all. This article is part of The Globe's Wealth Paradox series, a two-week examination into how... read more
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It is expensive to be poor

Fantastic ‪#‎longread‬ from Barbara Ehrenreich, writing in The Atlantic: "It’s time to revive the notion of a collective national responsibility to the poorest among us, who are disproportionately women and especially women of color. Until that happens, we need to wake up to the fact that the underpaid women who... read more
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Growing demand on need to tackle income inequality

So, what’s a fair wage ratio between the highest paid employee and the lowest? A disturbing but fleeting fact graced the news of the day on January second this year. As of 1:11 PM on January 2nd, top CEO compensation had exceeded what the average Canadian worker would earn all... read more
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