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    Hi. What a great site! It’s a great tool for education and advocacy.

    I’m wondering if there is a French site and if you collaborate with organizations or have an expanded network in other areas of the province? There is a decent sized francophone community in Saskatchewan as well as the surrounding provinces. It would be really great to open this up to the francophone community, no only for inclusion but to broaden the network as I’ve noticed that much of the dialogue on here also addresses National events and projects.

    Also do you have any social workers on your board? And how does one get involved?



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  • commented on NFLD's Food Insecurity Dramatically Reduced 2015-01-23 09:23:24 -0600
    Hi. I am new to this site. I am really enjoying the information and resources on here. I would however appreciate the use of NL or Newfoundland and Labrador when referring to the province rather than NF, NFL, or NFLD as these are short form for just the island part of the province and I think it is extremely important to include Labrador in all conversations regarding the province. I do realize even within the province that these short forms are often used but I think they perpetuate lack of communication and inclusion on issues that also affect Labrador. Thanks. :) Great article otherwise.