Better daycare for $7/day: One province's solution for Canada


Via The Globe and Mail.

"Quebec’s program is about more than just affordable daily care. It is a wildly ambitious experiment in society-building – a controversial $2.2-billion bet that better daycare can not only transform child development but also vastly improve the prospects of women and the poor, and build a better labour force."

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  • Sarah Maunder
    commented 2014-04-24 14:38:59 -0600
    Quality childcare must acknowledge the need for providing children with quality care, compassion and education AND the need for parents to be fully employed or in school (incorporating a 24 hour childcare availability and accessible fees) . These needs are two sides of the same coin and both objectives must be met for a successful program to be created.

    While acknowledging Early Childhood Education is slightly different than Childcare, I believe they are both part of the same story. As an individual who has worked in both Community School Pre -Kindergarten and the now canceled Full Day Kindergarten, I have seen first hand the benefits in providing quality Early Childhood Education. The largest complaint this program received was how the limited spots in the PreK programs go first to low income families in the community, leaving out the low income families who do not live in a Pre K community. The second largest complaint was the half day structure which did not allow enough time for parents to work a full shift of employment.

    Personally, I lucked out by finding an incredible home daycare operator who cared for my child from 5 1/2 months to Kindergarten (my daughter was born at the tale end of the old 6 month maternity program). My daycare provider charged lower fees as she personally wanted to help all her parents, and did not take her three weeks holidays (which is not right that her “self-guilt” over a society issue prevented her from taking a labour standard right).

    Quality, affordable childcare should not be a lottery winning analogy, but it is. This needs to change.
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