Adrienne Silnicki


Adrienne Silnicki is the National Coordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC), a non-profit organization that fights to protect, improve and expand public health care in Canada.

Previous to her position with the CHC, Adrienne was the national health care campaigner for the Council of Canadians, a social justice advocacy organization. She has also worked for the Peterborough Social Planning Council, Peterborough Housing Corporation, and on several poverty awareness campaigns both across Canada and internationally in Haiti, Ghana and Kenya.

Adrienne holds a bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management degree from Carleton University, Ottawa and a Masters of Arts degree in International Development Studies from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. She resides in Ottawa, Ontario with her partner and their one-year old daughter.

"Canada's public healthcare system reflects our belief in the right of every person to access care when they need it, regardless of their ability to pay."

As a national health care coordinator, Adrienne travels extensively across Canada meeting with people who are passionate about health care. It was during one of these trips that she met Ryan Meili and heard about Upstream and the great work that they were doing. Seeing and hearing the stories of people downstream in the health care system made Adrienne especially passionate about working with Upstream to promote broader prevention programs. Meeting with officials and often hearing comments such as “people just need to learn how to take care of themselves” made Adrienne committed to spreading the word that health is about more than diet and exercise.


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