Armine Yalnizyan

Yalnizyan_Oct_2015_2.jpgArmine Yalnizyan is a Canadian economist, writer and public figure focused on the social and economic factors that determine our health and well being. Armine joined the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives as senior economist in 2008, after a long association dating back to 1993, and served until January 2017.

Every Wednesday and Friday Armine brings a fresh take on business news on CBC Radio's Metro Morning, reaching a million listeners in the Greater Toronto Area, and more online. Armine also appears weekly on the Big Picture panel, a popular feature of Canada's premier business-news program, CBC-TV's The Exchange.

"Income inequality has become another inconvenient truth of our era, as challenging to our economy, our health, and our future as climate change.."

Armine obtained her M.A. in Industrial Relations from University of Toronto and has a bilingual B.A. in economics from Glendon College, York University, including a year's study in economics at Université de Bordeaux, France. She proudly received the Atkinson Foundation's inaugural Award for Economic Justice.

She is Vice-President of the Canadian Association for Business Economics and serves on the boards of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research's, Institute of Population and Public Health and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

"Create cities where you can predict poverty by postal code, and you are asking for trouble."

Armine is a frequent contributor to the national conversation on social and economic equality and justice, striving for upstream solutions that strike at the source of our nation's greatest challenges. She writes for the CCPA, print outlets like the Globe and Mail, the Behind the Numbers blog, the Progressive Economics Forum, and elsewhere.

Armine periodically speaks publicly on topics of socioeconomic inequality and disparity, among other subjects (see two instances below), and last year she did a public Q&A on Follow Armine on Twitter @ArmineYalnizyan.


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