Dr. Danyaal Raza

DRaza.jpgDanyaal Raza is a Toronto-based family physician and advocate for upstream thinking. His writing, research and advocacy focuses on the social determinants of health, and healthy public policy. Based at the Department of Family & Community Medicine of St. Michael's Hospital, he is also a Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto.

"Doctors often recommend the “exercise and diet” strategy to prevent and treat diabetes and other ailments. We should apply the same action plan to build and govern our cities."

Dr. Raza serves on the Board of Directors of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, on the Poverty & Health Committee of the Ontario College of Family Physicians in addition to the Advisory Board of Upstream.

He is a Harvard University Master's of Public Health graduate and former Family Medicine Fellow in Global Health at the University of Toronto. Danyaal completed his clinical training at Western University and Queen's University.

"While there are some clinical interventions I can use to address income and health, systemic policy change will be the ultimate lever of change."

As a part of the team at the inner-city teaching hospital and epicenter for the shift toward a health-in-all-policies approach, Danyall spends a lot of his time thinking about the social determinants of health.

He recently teamed up with Upstream's Ryan Meili to write an article on the importance of a health-in-all-policies approach in Canada, and a few years ago wrote this important argument for the role of income inequality in health outcomes.

 You can find a full list of Danyaal's publications and interviews on his website, or follow him on Twitter @DanyaalRaza.


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