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The Board of Directors of Upstream is currently seeking out two committed individuals to serve as members. The Upstream Board is comprised of members who are dedicated to improving public awareness about the social determinants of health, and enhancing public policy to support the well-being of Canadians through the integration of the social determinants of health. The Upstream Board invites community-minded champions of health and well-being to contribute to the important work of this organization. Upstream is committed to ensuring that the board reflects the demographics of the community and the diversity of attributes that meet its organizational needs.  

At this time, the Board has identified two key experiential attributes that are priorities in carrying out its governance roles. Specifically, we have a need for someone who brings professional knowledge and skills in accounting and financial oversight (CPA is preferred) as well as someone with professional knowledge in law.

In addition, consideration will be given to the following criteria:

  • governance experience with community-based organizations and/or non-profit boards
  • experience with fundraising/fund development 
  • deep connections with Indigenous communities
  • deep connections with groups who are adversely affected by the Social Determinants of Health (e.g. people living in poverty, people living with disabilities, refugees, sexual minorities) 
  • experience in government relations 
  • experience in public policy development 

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About Upstream and its Board: 

Upstream operates from offices in Saskatoon, but its mandate is proudly a national one. The Board of Directors of Upstream meets about 6 times a year; typically alternating between in-person meetings with conference call meetings.

Currently, the Upstream Board is supported by an Executive Committee, a Governance Committee, a Fund Development/Finance Committee, and a Strategic Planning Committee. Being a fully engaged board member means a lot to Upstream. Board members are expected to be proud and passionate advocates for Upstream in their communities. As well, board members’ full involvement in Board work and committee work ensure excellence in the governance of Upstream.

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