Let's close the gap

"The triangle is the people, government and knowledge. Once the triangle is aligned, we can move mountains." - Sir Michael Marmot

"The only bankruptcy we need to overcome is in the Canadian conscious to be the country we want to be." - Cindy Blackstock

 "There is no room for gradualism in responding to the needs of indigenous peoples." - Hon. Jane Philpott

"We need a new frame: cost as investment, strong economy as a tool, not the purpose." - Dr. Ryan Meili

 "You can either give people more money, or you can actually reduce the things that make not having money a problem." - Armine Yalnizyan

"If we had a drug that reduced hospitalization by 8.5%, we'd put it in the water." - Dr. Danielle Martin

"We need impact evaluation, not only process evaluation." - Dr. Louise Potvin

"Tackling the status quo, of acting within the healthcare system, it's not working."  - Dr. Ketan Shankardass

It's time to move past policies for food-charity, and work toward getting Canadians the means to put food on the table." - Dr. Valerie Tarasuk

"Leaders have to have essential knowledge, they have to have skill, they have to have the right kinds of attitudes."  - Connie Clement

"The work we're doing is important because it should influence the way we operate day-to-day." - Dr. Danyaal Raza

Connect upstream.