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Together we can close the health gap for all Canadians

Together we've started a powerful movement toward greater health equity in Canada. Let's keep the momentum going. Upstream’s annual Closing the Gap (CTG) conference is coming back to Ottawa on April 8, 2017 at the Shaw Centre.

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The  2016  event  was  an  overwhelming  success,  generating  insightful  discussion  and  drawing  critical  connections between people, projects and networks. Attendees (and speakers) left  inspired,  motivated  and  committed  after  hearing  words  from  Cindy  Blackstock,  André  Picard, the Honourable Jane Philpott,  Sir  Michael  Marmot  and  other  excellent  presenters. 

The  Honourable  Monique  Bégin  called  it  a  “superb and worthy event”. Over 4 million people saw the tweets that were generated by over 500 onsite and livestream attendees.

"The average well-being of our societies is not dependent any longer on national income and economic growth... But the differences between us and where we are in relation to each other now matter very much."     - Richard Wilkinson, Keynote

Upstream works to shift thinking to health by promoting solutions that focus on the wellbeing of Canadians. On April 8th 2017, Closing the Gap: Better health for all, will again bring together experts, decision makers, practitioners, active citizens and organizations encouraging policy action to improve health equity.

World-renowned author Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone, will be joined by Inuit leader and wellness advocate Natan Obed, Indigenous leader Max Fineday, and physician  and  climate  change  activist  Courtney  Howard  among  others. 

It’s  time  for  action  on  the  social  determinants of health in Canada and Upstream is bringing together the experts and decision-makers who can inspire us to work together for collective wellbeing.


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