Daddy Track: The Case for Paternity Leave

How "daddy days" make for healthier families and more equal work-places - Liza Mundy makes the case for paternity leave in The Atlantic:

"But here’s what men may not realize: While paid paternity leave may feel like an unexpected gift, the biggest beneficiaries aren’t men, or even babies. In the long run, the true beneficiaries of paternity leave are women, and the companies and nations that benefit when women advance."

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  • Rachel Malena-Chan
    commented 2014-03-19 11:53:39 -0600
    This article was so helpful in articulating this issue for me. As a young, soon-to-be-married woman, I’ve just accepted that employers might worry about my needing a mat leave in the next several years. Any discrimination because of that seemed pretty unavoidable. Encouraging (or requiring) men to take leave after having a child helps to de-gender the stigma that young people might face.
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