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upstream_team.jpgIf you think public policy should be grounded in evidence-based, people-centred ideas that address the social determinants of health, please add your endorsement!

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  • Laurie Dietter
    Wellness Warrior endorsed 2016-02-04 13:12:25 -0600
  • Laurie Dietter
    endorsed 2016-02-04 13:10:12 -0600
  • Jessica Hoehn
    endorsed 2016-01-12 00:56:42 -0600
  • Marie-Jo Ouimet
    endorsed via 2015-10-13 16:22:23 -0600
  • Lucas Diebel
    endorsed via 2015-10-09 09:25:34 -0600
  • Shawn Peters
    endorsed via 2015-08-13 08:33:47 -0600
  • Yasmin Kazemi
    Camp Stella Puella - a social action & self-esteem summer camp for girls endorsed 2015-07-29 13:55:00 -0600
  • Paul Payson
    endorsed via 2015-07-27 10:33:01 -0600
  • Steven Reed
    endorsed 2015-04-22 00:29:18 -0600
    The Upstream approach to re-framing politics as a tool in the service of public health looks to me like the first monumentally cogent idea to come out of Saskatchewan since Tommy Douglas led the way to single-payer health care. Canada’s progress down the difficult but worthy path toward egalitarianism desperately needs this sort of refreshing perspective. The stakes are too high for political decisions to be informed by anything less than the best evidence available, and we can’t afford to let our choices to be guided by anything less than a clear commitment to tackle the inequality that poisons our society. I am tired of retreating from my political disappointments and I am tired of letting cynicism and pseudo-nihilism turn me into a lazy bystander. Put me to work on this.
  • Jill Aussant
    endorsed 2015-03-23 20:05:43 -0600
    Provincial Food and Nutrition Strategy to complement poverty reduction.
  • Amy Lubik
    endorsed 2015-03-02 13:35:14 -0600
    I would love to bring this to BC
  • Robyn Newton
    endorsed 2015-02-13 22:23:55 -0600
  • gene long
    endorsed 2015-01-31 20:24:13 -0600
    nice to meet you so far. will look for you at the event this week in Toronto. 2015 has to be a year of re-framing the debate from war and surveillance (and law and order and the rest of it) to electing a national government that commits to national leadership on poverty, housing, childcare, aboriginal reconciliation, veteran’s rights, mental health and a strategy on homecare and community care where workers are paid what they’re worth and we can all trust we won’t be screwed by right-wing obsessions with the price of oil and law and order. let’s figure out how to take the country back to a place where we can recognize ourselves, and then keep on with the hard work of taking care of each other and building a new concept of health. Just like Tommy always said we would have to do. and of course also to keep on eye on the fight against austerity, and to act in solidarity always with the movements leading progressive change elsewhere in this fragile world. nice to meet you and cheers for now…
  • Gareth Bond
    endorsed via 2015-01-20 00:17:03 -0600
  • Cindy Andrew
    endorsed 2015-01-14 14:05:29 -0600
  • Caroline Turner
    endorsed 2015-01-11 14:15:32 -0600
  • Gary Roberts
    endorsed 2014-12-13 08:47:35 -0600
    You’ve inspired me to explore what I can do to increase awareness of SDOH where I am.
  • @mwclarke tweeted link to this page. 2014-12-07 06:53:47 -0600
  • Michael Clarke
    endorsed 2014-12-07 06:53:17 -0600
  • Julie Stoneberg
    endorsed 2014-12-03 14:23:12 -0600
  • Rene Prefontaine
    endorsed via 2014-10-23 14:50:30 -0600
    This work is important. Keep it up.
  • Anthony Maher
    endorsed 2014-10-21 16:09:34 -0600
  • Kris Klimosko
    endorsed 2014-10-19 16:14:14 -0600
  • Sharron Bodnaryk
    endorsed 2014-10-18 21:35:47 -0600
    I read the book and I’m hooked!
  • Rachel Perehudoff
    endorsed 2014-10-08 19:29:43 -0600
  • Christina Fuller
    endorsed 2014-09-01 21:16:02 -0600
    Thanks for your work in this field!
  • Emily Nicholas
    endorsed 2014-07-08 07:19:10 -0600
    I would love to help support a chapter of, or help promote your organization in Ontario! Keep me updated on how I can help.
  • Danielle Sperling
    endorsed 2014-07-08 02:26:26 -0600
  • Steffany Salloum
    endorsed 2014-06-30 12:30:58 -0600
  • Benjamin Harack
    endorsed 2014-06-11 15:13:28 -0600