Fiona McMurran
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Activist, political junkie, former classicist. Quaker, parent of an autistic; should have lost my idealism by now, but the thing with feathers won't shut up..

  • commented on No room for shaming in public health system 2014-04-24 20:46:27 -0600
    I was appalled at this suggestion — what has happened to the country that brought in a unique single-payer health system? Nevertheless, I do find myself wondering when and how we are going to transition from a system focussed on illness to one focussed on health. For instance, my family of three adults (our adult autistic daughter lives with us) subsist on my basic government pension. We buy our food locally and eat wisely. We take advantage of affordable fitness programs at our local community centre. But food prices are soaring. Gas prices to heat our home go up 40% on May 1. The lack of a regional public transportation system means giving up our car really isn’t an option, when so many service providers are outside our locality. Governments pay lip service to “wellness”, but they don’t budget to enable it. The established “big players” — the hospitals, in particular — dominate the discourse. But real health is local. It’s about community empowerment.