• Photograph by Ed Yourdon, cropped and text added.

Food security = health

Food security is an essential social determinant of health, among the top four as identified by the Canadian Medical Association earlier this year. Here are a few facts about nutrition and food security from the CMA study:

  • It is estimated that about 1.1 million households in Canada experience food insecurity.
  • In March 2012, 882,188 Canadians relied on food banks to provide their basic dietary requirements.
  • Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and food allergies are more common among families unable to ensure a stable food supply.
  • Studies of the use of physician prescriptions for exercise or healthy food found that people in many low-income communities could not access the food or exercise necessary to fill the prescription.

Read the full study here.

Photo by Ed Yourdon, cropped and text added.

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  • Darlene Seto
    commented 2015-02-16 11:53:49 -0600
    Link is now moved. Anyways I can get a link/name to the original study? Thanks!
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