• Photograph by D. Reichardt, Flickr

Good for the economy... but is it good for us?

Yes, Kinder Morgan, pipeline spills are good for the economy. So is cancer, and so are natural disasters like last year’s Calgary flood. But this is no way to measure human progress.

So how can we transition to an economy that prioritizes not just commercial goods, but human and environmental good?

David Suzuki has some ideas. He argues that the limited frame we use to measure progress is causing more harm than good.

Sound familiar? Thinking upstream means changing how we measure success – shifting the focus from economic growth to societal health. Thinking upstream allows us to see that ‘progress’ of the Gross Domestic Product variety isn’t always progress for people or the planet we depend on.

"Scientists around the world have been warning us for decades about the consequences of our wasteful lifestyles, and evidence for the ever-increasing damage caused by pollution and climate change continues to grow. But we have to do more than just wean ourselves off fossil fuels. We must also look to economic systems, progress measurements and ways of living that don't depend on destroying everything the planet provides to keep us healthy and alive."

Read the full article at the David Suzuki Foundation website.

Connect upstream.