In The Community

Our community consists of not just our physical environment, but also the many institutions and customs that make up our social environment.When we foster diverse, inclusive communities with effective, proactive social services, in harmony with the natural environment, we are thinking and acting upstream.

Canadian interest in basic income surges

Canada first experimented with universal income in the 1970s.  For decades, the evidence has told us that providing everyone with enough income to meet basic needs can be an effective, and cost-effective as a way to eliminate poverty and improve our health and well-being. With trials beginning in Ontario, policy... read more
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Upstream Radio: From isolation to inclusion

Upstream talks with Renata Cosic, organizer and activist for refugees and immigrants in Saskatchewan, and Don Kossick on Making the Links, on the Canadian health crises of social isolation and economic exclusion. read more
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We must address Canada's Indigenous suicide epidemic

Speaking of Truth and Reconciliation, Justice Murray Sinclair said “the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” Its story is one few wish to hear – but avoiding these topics has left us in the dark. My name is Jared Brown, a Nēhiyaw and Métis... read more
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Food bank stats don't tell the story of food insecurity

‘Food insecurity’ refers to the inadequate access to food because of financial constraints — and it’s a larger problem in Canada than most realize. read more
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Choosing the better story

Acclaimed Canadian author Yann Martel has just released a new novel: The High Mountains of Portugal. He sat down with Upstream’s Ryan Meili to discuss his new book, the importance of story, and his hopes for Canada’s future. read more
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Success stories limit our thinking about health solutions

Think of an inspiring success story. How about a refugee who, despite years of poverty and exposure to war, becomes a physician and teaches the world about peace? Or those with disabilities who overcome tremendous barriers and succeed beyond all expectations? From these stories, we learn to admire individuals who... read more
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The disease of isolation, and cure of community

Isolation, addiction, crime and homelessness are a vicious cycle all tied up in poverty. Kingston Helps was born from the Poverty Reduction health group to provide a place for one to find any service one may need regardless of the position they find themselves in.  It's an organization dedicated not... read more
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Stopping crime upstream: The social determinants of justice

Upstream founder Dr. Ryan Meili recently interviewed Clive Weighill, president of The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, whose many accomplishments span forty years of service. Together they explored the many commonalities between the social determinants of health and the social determinants of crime and justice. At the heart of... read more
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Breaking new ground in the new year

2015 was an exciting year for us. In the autumn season alone, Upstream continued to lead  on a poverty reduction strategy for Saskatchewan, released a landmark report on Living Wage in Saskatoon, and urged Canadians to #vote4health in the federal election. Canada's community-led efforts for a healthier society are set... read more
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Build bridges between cultures for healthier communities

Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) is a national organization with a mission to ‘build bridges’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in Canada, by facilitating dialogue and strengthening relationships through leadership programs, to promote respect, understanding and reconciliation. We know Aboriginal status determines health outcomes in a disproportionately negative way, compared to... read more
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