In The Community

Our community consists of not just our physical environment, but also the many institutions and customs that make up our social environment.When we foster diverse, inclusive communities with effective, proactive social services, in harmony with the natural environment, we are thinking and acting upstream.

Political engagement is good for your health

Leadnow began as an online engagement organization, designed to mobilize individuals and communities to push forward political issues like our democracy, environment and economy — all factors that determine our ability to lead healthy lives. They have since expanded their ground game, organizing people face-to-face, and tapping into people power... read more
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Giving Canadians a solid floor to stand on

Beyond a multitude of healthcare savings, a basic income would improve educational outcomes, lower crime rates, and provide financial remuneration for care work – to say nothing of the moral imperative of eradicating poverty and food insecurity in Canada. read more
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Upstream Radio: Seeking a cure for poverty

Poverty is incredibly complicated, and has all sorts of causes and factors. That's why the Saskatchewan government last winter appointed an advisory group to examine what opportunities we can seize to raise people out of poverty. Just this week, the advisory group dropped a list of recommendations for what we... read more
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"The More We Get Together": an interview with Raffi

Remember Raffi? Of course you do. Which means you should probably also remember “Baby Beluga”, “Bananaphone”, and “Down by the Bay” – songs we loved as kids and still love today. The Canadian children’s singer is touring Canada with a new album after having taken time away to focus on... read more
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Will wildfire refugees in Canada finally spur action on climate change?

A young child arrives at the hospital emergency room in respiratory distress, his asthma worsened by smoke exposure. An elder has uncontrolled blood pressure because there wasn't time to get her medications when the evacuation orders came through. Scabies and other illnesses related to crowding spread quickly through the close... read more
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Climate activists should focus on public health to inspire action

When we talk about climate change it can often seem like something abstract, or like something that our grandchildren will have to deal with. According to the World Health Organization climate change is the biggest global health threat in the 21st century, and it’s not just being felt by people... read more
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Want action on Climate Change? Push public health, not polar bears

Ed Maibach, professor and Director at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, was recently on CBC's The Current speaking to Priya Chattopadyay, following an interview with Ryan Meili, to discuss the relationships between Climate Change and Public Health in Canada. read more
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Canadian democracy needs a check-up, for the future of citizen health

If Canadian democracy was a patient, it would be in the hallway on a gurney on its way to palliative care. - Rick Mercer, Rick Mercer Report March 31st read more
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Journey Home year one: ‘Housing First’ critical to ending homelessness

United Way has been an active participant in the Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership over the past few years. Moving people “from poverty to possibility” is one of three main goals that United Way works towards, and housing stability — a social determinant of health — is a key factor in achieving that... read more
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Wildfire alarm: Climate change and health

I remember the first time I heard mention of increased wildfires as a health effect of climate change—it seemed somewhat inconsequential, a footnote compared to the heat-stress, floods, malnutrition and population displacement mentioned elsewhere. No more than that. read more
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