In The Community

Our community consists of not just our physical environment, but also the many institutions and customs that make up our social environment.When we foster diverse, inclusive communities with effective, proactive social services, in harmony with the natural environment, we are thinking and acting upstream.

"What will it take to make you disobey?": Erica Violet Lee speaking at Saskatoon Change Makers

"The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong in the world," Paul Farmer once said. Drawing on those words, Erica Violet Lee of Idle No More speaks from the heart about her work challenging racism colonialism. Her words will give you goosebumps.   read more
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You are about to enter an empowerment zone: Max FineDay speaking at Saskatoon Change Makers

"I don't think I'll ever forget the look on my mother's face when I told her.... I didn't really realize what had happened or the implications of it all until many years later." University of Saskatchewan Students Union President Max Fineday speaks of his experience growing up in Saskatoon, and... read more
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Why Canadians outlive Americans, and why we shouldn’t be so satisfied

The social determinants of health are all over this Globe and Mail piece: "Beyond medical care, we need to address further how social conditions shape health. The countries outperforming us make effective social investments to promote health and well-being among children and adults alike. Just to name two: they provide... read more
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We also need to teach our kids to be active citizens

Do you give to the food bank? Awesome! Now check out this great post by Trish Garner from BC Poverty Reduction about how to 'upstream' that action. (Especially if you live in BC or SK, the last provinces without a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy.) read more
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Coalition launches campaign to reduce Sask. poverty

By Jason Warick, The StarPhoenix Poverty doesn't just hurt those who experience it. Poverty places a huge burden on the province's health care, education and justice systems. Reducing poverty could save Saskatchewan taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year and give a multi billion dollar boost to the economy. That's... read more
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No room for shaming in public health system

In a recent article, Nova Scotia’s Health Minister, Leo Glavine, floated the idea that people should have to demonstrate healthy lifestyles before accessing our health care system, much like a bank assesses a customer for a loan. Sadly, this is not a new idea but has been floated by others pundits... read more
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Alternative Federal Budget 2014: Striking a Better Balance

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives presents an alternative federal budget, one that "shows what the federal government could do if it decided to seriously address Canadians’ largest social, economic, and environmental concerns." What do you think we should be focusing on?  Read the CCPA's Alternative Budget report. read more
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Why racism is a public health issue

  Ranking among the social determinants of health are issues of equality and diversity. Your experience of inequality, because of things like gender, race, and sexual orientation, can have a serious impact on your health outcomes. This article, set in an American context, argues that racism is at the core of... read more
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Elimination of poverty requires a dedicated plan

Surrounded as we are by the tunes and decorations of the holiday season, Industry Minister James Moore’s recent uncharitable comments about child poverty and hunger invoke inevitable comparisons to Charles Dickens’ famed miser Ebenezer Scrooge. One could easily imagine Scrooge haughtily asking his nephew, “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s... read more
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‘Super users’ of health care system the target of reforms

Building on local strengths key to cooling medical hot spots An intriguing idea was recently put forward by the Government of Saskatchewan, that of addressing medical hot spots. It has been reported that just five people were responsible for visiting Saskatchewan emergency rooms over 500 times in the last year.... read more
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