Lila Wagner
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I´m a Third Culture Kid. Survived 23 schools from Grade 1 to12. In senior class fr Grade 9-12. I´m a choleric chameleon.

  • commented on "My Basic Income": Michael Bohmeyer's Story 2014-10-24 15:57:00 -0600
    Hmm, I am a senior on a combination pension-GIS that gives me about $1300 a month. Health concerns—my husband’s that is—do tie me down a little, but I still have time and energy to do some of the things I’ve always longed to do. It’s a great pity that people have to wait till 65-68 to have the freedom to contribute as they wish rather than as a wage-slave, and then cannot due to health issues.

  • commented on labour unions make us healthier 2014-10-24 15:47:40 -0600
    I recall one medium-sized business owner who bragged about union-busting in the late ’50’s to early ’60’s here in Saskatchewan. When I asked him about the tactics used, he proudly said, “well we just offered them better wages.” Hmm!!

  • commented on Reviving Riversdale 2014-10-24 15:42:26 -0600
    This makes it sound idyllic, but I find that phrase, “the patients have since decamped,” to be extremely troubling. Gentification does not solve the issues of poverty—like stomping on a mud puddle, the community becomes fragmented and even harder to reach.