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Here's a list of what the Upstream Book Club has read so far. To suggest the next reading, please contact Hilary at


September 2014: Don't Think of an Elephant - George Lakoff

October 2014: various materials on the topic of gentrification in Canadian cities 

from Briarpatch: An Education in Gentrification: Full-throttle neoliberalism in Toronto - by Justin Panos; Sep. 1, 2014

from CBC: Here Comes Money: Gentrification, Condos and Canadian Cities - by CBC News/the Strombo Blog

from the Walrus: Reviving Riversdale: Gentrification and reconciliation in one of Saskatoon’s poorest neighbourhoods - by Allan Casey, photography by Liam Richards

from Aljazeera: Gentrification Battle: Redevelopment project aimed to mix social classes ignites tensions - video content

November 2014: A Geography of Blood: Unearthing Memory from a Prairie Landscape - Candace Savage

December 2014: Various readings on the topic of Violence Against Women 

Trigger warning for references to violence, sexual violence and harsh language.

From the Globe & Mail: Sorry, we haven’t reached a ‘watershed’ on violence against women by Denise Balkisson

From the Belle Jar: I Am Not Your Wife, Sister or Daughter 

From the Star: Canada: Aboriginal women part of ‘Canadian crisis’ human trafficking report says by Steve Rennie

From the Colbert Report: Gamergate - Anita Sarkeesian [video]

January 2015: All my Puny Sorrows - Miriam Toewes 

February 2015: Various readings on the topic of Racism in Canada

From MacLean's: Welcome to Winnipeg, where Canada’s racism problem is at its worst by Nancy Macdonald

From MacLean's: Canada’s racism problem? It’s even worse than America’s by Scott Gilmore

From Briarpatch: What’s missing in the Maclean’s article on racism? by Max FineDay

From CBC News: Racism against aboriginal people in health care system ‘pervasive’: study by Duncan McCue

March 2015: Selected readings on the topic of Guaranteed Annual Income

From The Huffington Post Canada : A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It by Zi-Ann Lum

Video: The Town Without Poverty

From The Huffington Post Canada Minimum Income: What You Should Know About the Idea That Could Revolutionize the 21st Century by Danial Tencer 

From The Week Progressives’ hot new poverty-fighting idea has just one basic problem: Science by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry 


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