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Ryan Meili

doctor_ryan.jpgRyan Meili, Upstream's Founding Director, is a Family Doctor at theWestside Community Clinic in Saskatoon and an Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, where he serves as head of the Division of Social Accountability, director of the Making the Links Certificate in Global Health, and co-lead of SHARE: the Saskatchewan HIV/AIDS Research Endeavour. His 2012 book, A Healthy Society: How a focus on health can revive Canadian democracy, has sold over four thousand copies across Canada. Ryan also serves as vice-chair of the national advocacy organization Canadian Doctors for Medicare, is a Broadbent Institute Fellow, and an Evidence Network Expert. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife Mahli Brindamour-Meili, who practices as a paediatrician, and his son Abraham, who is learning to pun.

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Videos by Dr. Ryan Meili:

TEDx: A Healthy Society (above)

Evidence Network: What has the biggest impact on health outcomes? The answer might surprise you, with Dr. Ryan Meili (15.3 min)

MeiliPoster2Jun06.14.jpgSelected articles by Dr. Ryan Meili:

"Here’s A New Way to Tackle Income Inequality." Op-ed, Vancouver Province. January, 2014. 

"Look to Causes, Not Symptoms of Poor Health." Op-ed, Winnipeg Free Press. November, 2013. 

"How Do We Cool Down Canada’s Medical Hot Spots?" Op-ed, Huffington Post. November, 2013 

"In Sickness and in Wealth: Unmasking the Social Determinants of Health"
Briarpatch Magazine, September, 2010 

Browse more of Dr. Meili's articles at http://www.medicine.usask.ca/che/faculty/faculty/ryan-meili.html 

Selected press:

"Ryan Meili uses powerful storytelling to bring SDoH to the policy table." (May 30, 2012). Wellesley Institute.

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