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SK Public Looking Upstream for Better Health

Saskatoon residents are looking upstream for better health, says a recently published public opinion poll. The report indicates that 80% of respondents listed income as the most important factor affecting health. This is an encouraging upstream shift from 2006 data where nearly all respondents (98%) listed nutritious food as the top determinant of health. 

Read more from the Saskatoon Health Region and the Social Sciences Research Laboratory (University of Saskatchewan).

The report goes on to highlight the level of public support for various policies, saying that among the 1000+ respondents, "73% support initiatives to increase the minimum wage; 81% for increases to senior’s pensions; and, 83% for income supplements to move people off welfare." Universally affordable child care received 82% support, while the creation of more private affordable housing and access to affordable and healthy food were supported by 84% and 86% of respondents, respectively. 

Further, the poll recorded 89% support for a provincial poverty reduction plan and 90% for a provincial child poverty reduction plan. It is clearer than ever that Saskatchewan is ready for action on poverty reduction, and better health for all. 

Poverty Costs


Visit Poverty Costs to take action on a campaign working toward a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy for Saskatchewan, and to learn more about the economic and health costs of poverty in the province. 


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