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The deadline for Solutions Not Stuff cards has passed. Contributions welcome year-round. 

Happy Holidays from the Upstream team!


Did you know that Canadians spend over $600 on holiday presents, and another $550 on travel, entertainment, decorations and other holiday-related expenses? That means that the average Canadian spends over 1,150 big ones on the holidays each year.

Let’s think about what we could do with just a fraction of that money.

If every Canadian allocated just 5% ($30) of their presents fund to...

PCsmall.pngRelieving poverty: every person living below the poverty line in SK could be brought out of poverty

child-care.pngProviding affordable childcare: $10/day childcare in BC could be a reality

house.pngProviding housing: over 50,000 Canadians could be supported by the Housing First model 

So how do we get there? That 1 billion can only stretch that far if we work together, through collective systems, implementing smart solutions. This is what Upstream works to do – show decision makers how smart working collectively for community wellbeing can be.

Help us get there by supporting Upstream's work, and giving the gift of solutions, not stuff, this holiday season. 

For a (minimum) $20 donation to Upstream or a new monthly support of $5 or more,we'll send you a holiday card to give to someone special who will appreciate you putting your money into solutions, and not stuff, for them this holiday season.

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    commented 2014-12-02 16:03:22 -0600
    #SINP and SaskParty are bad for local working class Saskatchewan residents. Instead of employers paying a market wage to attract local employees, or cover a move from other areas of Canada, employers who insist on at or near minimum wage, for undesirable hours or duties, can just ship in foreign workers who will put up with poor wages/conditions just to come to Canada.

    Who benefits from BK open @ 3 AM!?
    You could argue the people want it.
    Well, if such valued service, pay local under employed youth a premium to work and they will.

    Under cutting market wages benefits no one but sleazy employers!