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Upstream Applauds AGPR Recommendations for Poverty Reduction

Upstream is encouraged by the recommendations, released today, by the Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction and urges the Government to adopt and implement these recommendations to the benefit of all Saskatchewan residents.

Upstream is pleased to see the ambitious and worthwhile poverty reduction target of 50% by 2020 included in the recommendations. This, along with the recommended accountability measures, holds promise for meaningful change in the lives of Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable.

The Government-appointed Advisory Group was composed of government and community representatives, including Upstream’s Director, Dr. Ryan Meili. “Upstream is particularly interested to see the Government move ahead with implementing a Basic Income trial in the province,” reports Meili. “Basic Income is a powerful tool for poverty reduction and holds the best chance to reach the poverty reduction target described.” A Basic Income trial features as the lead recommendation in today’s report among recommendations that address income -- one of six key focus areas for poverty reduction highlighted in the report.

“Basic Income is an excellent example of a solution that improves health while reducing the costly downstream effects of poverty, improving people's lives and saving money in the long run,” adds Meili.

“Poverty continues to undermine the health and wellbeing of over 10% of Saskatchewan residents,” says Meili. “I’m pleased with the consensus reflected in the recommendations released today and look forward to seeing swift action by the Government.”


Upstream is a partner in the Poverty Costs campaign - the group that reported last year that the annual cost of poverty in Saskatchewan is $3.8 Billion. Poverty Costs called on the Provincial Government to invest in the province's most vulnerable by developing and implementing a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy. The process is ongoing.


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