Upstream is joining forces with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

You know the saying there is strength in numbers? That’s part of the motivation behind our exciting announcement: Upstream has entered into a new partnership with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (the CCPA).

Upstream is now a project of the CCPA, teaming up with one of Canada’s most prominent research institutes to promote health equity, public health investments, wellbeing budgeting, decent work, and inclusive economy initiatives.

This new partnership will help Upstream continue to pollinate good ideas that promote a healthier society. 

The CCPA is a well-established think tank with a large, active, and engaged audience. Its mission and values are closely aligned with Upstream. This is a natural partnership that will fortify Upstream’s goal to expand our reach and deepen our impact.

Upstream and you

Many of you have been following and supporting Upstream since Ryan Meili first planted its seeds seven years ago. You follow us on Twitter and Facebook. You read our blogs and listen to our podcasts. You come to our events and you help make our work possible by donating to our cause. 

Thank you for being a valuable member of the Upstream community!

I invite you to continue to be a part of our community. Upstream’s website and social media accounts will remain active. We will continue to showcase Upstream thinkers and to promote evidence-based decision-making that is informed by the social determinants of health. My newsletters will continue to arrive in your inbox for as long as you wish to subscribe—and I hope you stay with us.

For those of you who regularly donate to Upstream, you can still do so by donating to the Upstream project here. All donations are dedicated to Upstream initiatives and we truly appreciate your support. 

Your donation is now tax receiptable! 

The CCPA is a registered charitable organization, so now you will get a tax receipt for any donation. That’s an incentive that we weren’t able to offer you before.

We’re moving to the CCPA to ensure Upstream’s long-term viability and to maximize our ability to promote powerful policy change at a time when we need it most. Please consider making a donation today, to sustain our work. Please keep following Upstream. And please, above all, stay safe in these challenging times.

Here’s to strength in numbers,


Trish Hennessy

Upstream Executive Director

Connect upstream.