The Wellesley Institute and Upstream have partnered to bring to you a closer look at the health impacts of the policies that our national parties are putting forth. We know that social factors  — where you live, age, play and work — have a big impact on your health, so we ask, what are our political leaders doing to address them?

Over the next few weeks as we count down to election day, we will be looking at social issues that impact our health and reporting on how the party platforms lineup. Our health should be considered in all policies.


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Access to affordable, adequate, and secure housing is a foundation for the good health and well-being of Canadians. 

However, one in eight Canadian households live in housing that is either unaffordable, in disrepair, or crowded. In large cities such as Toronto, and amongst particular populations such as Aboriginal peoples and recent immigrants, this ratio is even higher. 

A new generation of affordable housing units is required

Affordability is being threatened as the costs of housing increase faster than many incomes. As well, few new private affordable rental buildings are being built due to market constraints. This is forcing an increasing number of people to stretch their budgets in order to pay higher rents in buildings of decreasing quality. A new generation of affordable housing units is required.




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