• Photograph by profzucker, contrast added, text from Hunger Count 2013

We also need to teach our kids to be active citizens

Do you give to the food bank? Awesome! Now check out this great post by Trish Garner from BC Poverty Reduction about how to 'upstream' that action. (Especially if you live in BC or SK, the last provinces without a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy.)

"Food banks were, in fact, initially meant to be a temporary measure but they have now been around for over 30 years. They have become such a normal part of society that we never question their role and the extent to which they can address these big issues. We give year after year without wondering why children are still going hungry in B.C.
As we take part in food bank drives this year, perhaps we should start asking that question and look to our government for answers."

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(The Hunger Count Canada 2013 report mentioned in the article can be found here.)

Connect upstream.