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What costs more: Child care or university tuition?

This month's Hennesey's Index takes a look at the dollars Canadians shell out for child care.

To illustrate just how difficult it is to afford, child care rates are stacked up against average university tuition dollars. The results may surprise you!

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Consider getting involved in a campaign that calls for an end to the child care struggle:

10$ A Day Plan - Coalition of Child Care Advocates of British Columbia - British Columbia

A Better Generational Deal - Generation Squeeze - National

Rethink!- Rethink Child Care Coalition - National

Know of others? Send them our way!

The call for affordable, accessible early childhood education is growing louder, and from an upstream perspective, it's not hard to see why. Given that the foundations of our life-long health are laid during our earliest years of development, it makes good sense to ensure that all families can access the care they need without breaking the bank. Affordable care would also help alleviate income inequality, address labour shortages, and increase gender equality.

Despite the overwhelming connection between child care and these social determinants of health, many Canadians continue to struggle to find affordable care for their children.  Consider getting involved in a campaign that calls for an end to the child care nightmare!


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