• Photograph by Upstream

Harsha Walia's Wild Idea

In Vancouver last month Harsha Walia presented her wild idea - to Connect the Heart and Mind - at the Transforming Society: 5 Wild Ideas for a Better Future event hosted by Changemakers Vancouver, Upstream, and Next Up. 

Watch the video below to learn where Harsha believes our social change movements are falling flat. She asks us to dream of what it might look like to do better - to build movements that 'actively undo' the racialized and gendered undervaluing of many in our society. 

"What would it mean to celebrate Lisa not as someone who is a a token, but someone who’s a brilliant, talented, creative genius who is best positioned to lead social justice movements as someone who experiences so many forms of oppression?"

- Harsha Walia


Harsha Walia is a social justice activist, journalist and co-founder of the Vancouver chapter of No One Is Illegal. Walia's writings have appeared in over fifty journals, anthologies, and magazines, as well as academic journals. She is the author of the book Undoing Border Imperialism.

Connect upstream.