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Iglika's Wild Idea

In Vancouver last month Iglika Ivanova presented her wild idea - a living wage for all Canadians - at the Transforming Society: 5 Wild Ideas for a Better Future event hosted by Changemakers Vancouver, Upstream, and Next Up. 

Watch the video below to hear about the problems a living wage would address and the positive impact its implementation would have on communities.

"Families who work for low wages face impossible choices - feed the children or pay the rent, heat the house or buy a new winter jacket. The result is spiralling debt, long-term health problems, and constant anxiety. People end up taking too many jobs and this means they have little time to spend with their families, little time to help their children with their school work, and little time to do anything if their family is crisis. This is not just a great hardship for people in working poverty and stuck in those families - it affects all of us. We all pay for the consequences of poverty."

- Iglika Ivanova


Iglika Ivanova is a Senior Economist and Public Interest Researcher with Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Iglika’s work investigates issues and trends in healthcare, education and social programs and examines the impact of public services on quality of life. She also looks into issues of government finance, taxation and privatization and how they relate to the accessibility and quality of public services. Iglika’s other research interests focus on the Canadian labour market and in particular trends in income inequality, low-wage work and the integration of immigrants

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