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Wild Idea - Paul Kershaw

In Vancouver last month Paul Kershaw presented his wild idea - to relieve the burden of GenSqueeze - at the Transforming Society: 5 Wild Ideas for a Better Future event hosted by Changemakers Vancouver, Upstream, and Next Up. 

Watch the video below to learn about how Paul believes we should be building an overdue lobby for Canadians under 50. He invites us to join him to not only preserve the supports that exist, but to "make Canada work once again for all generations". 

"Canada's economy produces more prosperity than it ever has before, and yet too many younger Canadians feel like they can't make a go of it where they grew up or where they trained...like they can't afford to to start a family, or don't have enough time when they do. We need heroes to change that.

We need heroes to make Canada work once again for all generations.

- Paul Kershaw


Paul Kershaw is the Founder of Generation Squeeze. At the University of British Columbia, in the College for Interdisciplinary Studies, Kershaw is the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) Scholar of Social Care, Citizenship and the Determinants of Health. He is one of Canada's leading thinkers about family policy, receiving two national prizes from the Canadian Political Science Association for his research.

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